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How CaptainBook helped iOutdoor adventures overcome staff shortages

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"The guide management system has made a big difference. We are holding the numbers with half of the staff, it is going to allow for much easier expansion in new geographic areas."

- Todd Kersey, CEO iOutdoor Adventures


iOutdoor-Adventures, a leading provider of sport-fishing activities, faced significant challenges in managing bookings and reservations, hindering its expansion plans. Implementing CaptainBook's advanced scheduling functionality not only streamlined their operations but also significantly reduced their reliance on reservation staff. This case study explores the impact of CaptainBook on iOutdoor-Adventures, showcasing the software's efficiency in saving time, and facilitating easy expansion into new geographic areas.

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The Challenge: Streamlining Operations for Growth

iOutdoor-Adventures faced a daunting challenge: their manual booking process was labor-intensive, costly, and a barrier to scaling up. Not only reservation staff had ot be in contact with customers, but they also had to call captains all the time to find one available - a very inefficient process limiting the company's ability to grow and expand into new geographic areas.

CaptainBook's Solution: Automated Scheduling Functionality

The implementation of CaptainBook's innovative scheduling functionality marked a turning point for iOutdoor-Adventures. Our solution provided:

Replaces Sling can be replaced by captainbook for free

Guide Scheduling Made Easy

Without CaptainBook: Your guides are working for you, but for other businesses too! You spend your day calling them to make sure they can handle your bookings. You are stressed and are loosing bookings.

Finally stop calling your guides one-by-one! Ask your guides to connect their Google Calendar and it will automatically sync with your bookings, both ways! No more over-bookings and tedious workarounds!

Order your guides by priority, and we will automatically assign the best available guide to your new bookings!

Case study

Learn how this functionality helped iOutdoor Adventures overcome staff shortages.

Impactful Results: Efficiency, Savings, and Expansion

The adoption of CaptainBook led to transformative outcomes for iOutdoor-Adventures:

From Challenge to Opportunity

CaptainBook turned iOutdoor-Adventures' operational challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. CaptainBook's scheduling functionality not only optimized their booking process but also empowered them to envision and execute expansion with newfound agility.

Looking Ahead

With CaptainBook, iOutdoor-Adventures is set to explore new horizons, confident in the robust support of our advanced booking management solutions. This case study exemplifies our commitment to enabling businesses in the water-based activities sector to overcome obstacles and achieve their growth ambitions.

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