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Sell tours & experiences automatically is your best option to sell experiences, whether you are a travel agency, a hotel or an accommodation. is the smartest tour booking software
Easy onboarding We help you build create your lists and chose experiences to resell.
Unmatched support Phone or email, we are here to help. Always.
Free CaptainBook is free for resellers, no hideen costs.
Live availability

Live availability

Real-time update of availability in your dashboard, no more phone calls. streamline your operations for your travel business

Commission negotiation

Negotiate payment terms and commission directly on the platform.

Flexible staff management

Unlimited agent accounts

Invite your staff on the platform and track revenue per staff member.


Resell Experiences At No Cost

From the back office, through QR codes or online, CaptainBook is your technology partner to sell tours & experiences

Resell experiences at no cost
  • Sell tours online & offline

    Add the reselling widget, create your website in one click and generate flyers!

  • Get paid automatically

    Receive your payouts, or chose other payment terms to manage payments directly with the operator.

  • Track conversion & improve customer satisfaction

    Track conversion of your system and provide a better service to your customers.

  • No code required

    Start with no code, and be ready to reseller in minutes!

Reduce time on the phone


Reduce Your Time On The Phone

Simplify your communication with your resellers and increase revenue.

  • Track bookings

    Know in realtime where your bookings are coming from, and how much commission you are giving.

  • Manage prices

    You stay in control of your pricing strategy at all times, synchronised across all channels and partners

  • Negotiate online

    Negotiate payments terms and commission online, in a few clicks!

  • Push new products to resellers Coming soon

    Automatically push your new products to your resellers and save time

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