Zero recuring costs

All the tools you need to start selling online. Only pay us when you get bookings.

Our business model

We make money when you make money. Let's dive into details

We make money when you sell - We charge your customer a 4% booking fee on top of your price. We start making money when you are doing well, which create goal alignment between you and us.

No cost for you, a small booking fee for your customer - No monthly subscription, no hidden costs. We only charge 4% booking fee on top of your price.

Kiss goodbye cancellation fees - No cancellation fee or penalty fee if you need to cancel, we just wave our booking fee in case of cancellation so a full refund remains a full refund.

The lowest fee on the market


per transaction (paid by your customer)

  • No hidden extras
  • No monthly fee
  • No upfront charges
  • No charge for refunds

How much money will you save with us ?

We did the math for you, you will save money.

I make in sales over months.

You could save up to 2 369 € per year!

Estimated cost includes monthly fee, setup fee and commission charged by one of the market leaders. Savings are calculated using as an alternative booking system for a market leading solution.

Save more with our lowest payment processing rates on the market

We integrate with the best payment providers on the market to offer an incredible checkout experience to your customers. 100% secure, you are protected!

Get paid on your terms, and keep that precious cashflow. We have secured the lowest rates on the market for your online payments, just for you. This is your only cost.

Starting from

1.4% + €0.30

Per transaction

low payment processing rates

Ready to get started? is free

Unlock your full potential, and start growing your sales now! For free!

No credit card required
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No hidden fees dashboard
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