Why choose CaptainBook over Trekksoft.

The key to your business success as an operator is choosing the right technology. So, it’s very important to decide which one will best suit your business needs. is a user Experience oriented platform with a state of the art and user friendly interface. Feedback from our customers is very important to improve our booking engine and services.

Trekksoft is also a booking engine and channel manager software, but there are some major differences between Trekksoft and CaptainBook. Read on to learn more.

How does CaptainBook compare with Trekksoft?

How does CatainBook compare with Trekksoft
Feature Trekksoft
Commission Online Reservation - Provider - per booking 4% 5%
Gateway fees 1.4% + 0.30€ Start from 2.50% + €0.50 *
Set Up Cost Free € 799
Trial period Not needed 2 Weeks
Offline Bookings cost € 0 - unlimited € 0.55
In platform chat
Customer Support E-mail
Customer Support Phone
Customer Support Chat
Open API

* Payment processing fees varies depending on payment gateway charges.


Which is the cheapest booking engine ?

By choosing Trekksoft, you will pay a 5% online commission per booking. On the other hand CaptainBook charge only 4% per booking.

CaptainBook is cheaper than Trekksoft

Also, Captainbook does not charge for offline bookings, has no set up costs, and offers the cheapest payment processing fees of the market.


How much does it cost to install CaptainBook ?

Captainbook does not charge any set up fees. We are here for our customers to help them in every step and build together products that will attract more customers. Trekksoft on the other hand will charge you 799€ to start using their services.

Dreamland travel agency is using

"With our daily booking operations are easier than ever. Our customers are thrilled when they call us for an experience and we send them the link to make the reservation. We save precious time and our customers are much more happy."


Travel Agency in Corfu, Greece


Is there a trial period?

Trekksoft offers a two week trial period for those who want to try their booking engine, while CaptainBook has not trial period since there is no monthly fee nor setup fee. With CaptainBook, you pay only when you start making money!


Who has the cheapest payment processing fees ?

When you work with Trekksoft, you have to pay gateway fees starting from 2.50% + €0.50. With CaptainBook your payment processing fees start from 1.4% + 0.30€*.

* Payment processing fees vary depending on payment gateway charges.
Philema Food Tours is using

"The CaptainBook Team are always super fast to respond and to resolve each little issue I have encountered during use. Their responsiveness and high level of customer service is something I noticed since day 1 and they’ve never failed me ever since."

Philema Food Tours

Travel Operator in Naxos Island, Greece


How much does Trekksoft charge for offline bookings ?

Trekksoft will charge you € 0.55 per offline booking (manual booking entered in the system) while Captainbook will not charge you for offline bookings.

You can join CaptainBook now, build your products or cancel anytime you want.

No monthly fees, no free trials, no Offline Bookings costs

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