Why choose CaptainBook over Kleesto.

As an Experience provider or a Distribution Partner (Hotel, Airbnb host, travel agent) you might have wondered in the past which marketplace you should choose for your business. Even now you might be thinking if you are happy with your current booking engine or if you must shift to another.

You probably already know Kleesto's booking engine and channel manager. Kleesto is established in 2019 and since then offers digital solutions for Experience providers and Distribution Partners.

Kleesto is a nice solution, but the pricing scheme is a bit confusing.

How does CaptainBook compare with Kleesto?

How does CaptainBook compare with Kleesto
Feature Kleesto
Commission Online Reservation - Provider - per booking 4% From 1.5% to 3%
Monthly subscription Free From 19.90 € to 249.99 €
Commission Reseller - Agent - per booking 0% N/A
Set Up Cost Free
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In platform chat
Widget Calendar search by date
Join now 21 Free trial
Customer Support E-mail
Customer Support Phone
Customer Support Chat
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How much does CaptainBook cost?

Everything comes with a price and if we are talking about Kleesto, it comes with 3 different prices.

With Kleesto you need to choose the best price plan for you and your business. It doesn’t matter which plan you will choose, you have to pay every month.

Let’s be more specific.

Starter Plan

There is a 3% Booking Commission for every booking you will receive with Kleesto. But you will have to pay 19.90€ per month, even when your business does not operate (in the winter for example).

Pro Plan

With this mid-range plan the booking commission is 2% for every booking plus 59.90€ per month, all year round.

Business Plan

Again, the booking commission is reduced to 1.5% but monthly fee is 249.99 €.

All plans start with a free-of-charge 21-Days Trial

At CaptainBook, you don't need a trial period as there is no monthly fee. Simple!


Is CaptainBook pricing transparent?

Life with CaptainBook will be a lot easier than you can imagine!

If you choose CaptainBook, you won’t have to pay monthly fees or remember when the free trial is over (hint: it always is when you feel you didn't try out the platform for long enough

Things with CaptainBook are simple.

CaptainBook has only one plan: Free forever

You can join CaptainBook, build your products and cancel anytime you want. You will pay a 4% booking commission per booking. No booking, no payment!

No monthly fees, No trials

Join Now CaptainBook for free!

Are you thinking about switching? We are here for you. Schedule a one to one session now!

Philema Food Tours is using

"The CaptainBook Team are always super fast to respond and to resolve each little issue I have encountered during use. Their responsiveness and high level of customer service is something I noticed since day 1 and they’ve never failed me ever since."

Philema Food Tours

Travel Operator in Naxos Island, Greece

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