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Operation manager

Optimise your operations

Optimise your workflow, inventory and staff. Automate repetitive tasks to focus on your business and streamline customer communications.


Optimise Your Workflow

Automate guide attribution while protecting yourself from overbooking, keep your staff in the loop and streamline communication.

Optimise your workflow
  • 2ways Google Calendar Synchronisation

    Connect your guides Google Calendar and enjoy peace of mind. The platform knows which guide is available!

  • Light CRM

    Your customers contacts are safe and organized with a GDPR compliant customer relationship management system

  • Built-in Analytics

    Understand your business like never before with insights about transactions, revenue and bookings.

  • Unlimited user accounts

    All our plans come with unlimited user accounts for your staff, with different permission levels.

Replaces Sling can be replaced by captainbook for free

Guide Scheduling Made Easy

Without CaptainBook: Your guides are working for you, but for other businesses too! You spend your day calling them to make sure they can handle your bookings. You are stressed and are loosing bookings.

Finally stop calling your guides one-by-one! Ask your guides to connect their Google Calendar and it will automatically sync with your bookings, both ways! No more over-bookings and tedious workarounds!

Order your guides by priority, and we will automatically assign the best available guide to your new bookings!

Case study

Learn how this functionality helped iOutdoor Adventures overcome staff shortages.


Make The Best Impression

Keep your staff up to date, and your customers informed, in real time and automate most of your communications.

Make the best impression
  • Triggered notifications

    Automatically send emails and SMS to your customers, when it makes sense to your business. Ideal to ask for a review after a trip!

  • Transactional communication

    Manually send SMS or emails to your customers from CaptainBook, send push notifications to your staff, everyone is on the same page, at no extra cost!

  • Universal inbox Coming soon

    All your customer communications in one place, combine Facebook Messenger, SMS, Whatsapp, and email!

  • In-app chat

    Speak with your local resellers directly from the platform, no more phone calls!

Frequently asked questions

Let's answer some of your questions.

Do I need to enter my payment details to sign up ?

No. You can join with no commitment and use the platform as long as you like. To accept online bookings, you will need to provide us with your company details.

I already use a booking engine. How easy will the transition be ?

Super easy! Your account manager can help! We build your dashboard and transfer any future reservations. We usually need less than 48h.

Do I need to download or install anything ?

No, nothing at all! We are cloud based, meaning that you can get started as soon as you sign-up! The platform works from your laptop, your phone or tablet, your data is automatically backed up and protected.

Will CaptainBook work with my existing website ?

Absolutely! It has been designed to integrate directly with you website to deliver your customers a seamless brand experience. If you feel you need help, we are always a phone call away. (email, chat, whatever works best for you, works for us!)

How easy is it to switch from another booking software ?

It is very simple! Our customer success team is here to help you out. We can do the job for you if you do not want to do it yourself, for free!

Can I take bookings in different currencies?

Sure! We already handle 7 currencies, including: euros, british pounds, american and canadian dollars!

How CaptainBook is different from other booking platforms?

CaptainBook offers one of a kind functionalities (like the smart guide scheduling technology) combined with an outstanding support. We accompany you towards success

Flexible pricing options

Captainbook's flexible pricing, with pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription options, is designed to perfectly suit everyone's needs.

Pay as you grow
  • Unlimited experiences
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Unlimited users
  • Fast implementation
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